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Right Now November 26, 2005

Filed under: My Idea of Humour — The Goddess @ 10:30 pm

A couple of thieves broke into our colony (5 blocks of flats) almost a month ago. They carefully removed one of the small fixed windows at the back of our car and entered it.
Poor fools, they thought a Tata Indigo (deluxe) would definitely have a stereo. Little did they know my dad hates distractions while driving and forces me to listen to my walkman if I must listen to music.
They seemed a little miffed by the complete lack of loot in our car, because they took the emergency phone call two rupee coin on the dashboard and left the seats alone. But the other lamba gaadi waalas were not quite so fortunate. A couple of them did lose their stereos.
So, anyway, the final outcome of this whole incident was that our association woke up to the threats around and hired a few watchmen. These watchmen seem to be paid by the amount of noise they create because at any point of time, there is one guy tapping his laathi (nice word, na?) along the road as he walks, one shouting something incomprehensible (maybe, jaagte raho! mujhpe bharosa mat karo!) and one blowing on his whistle like his life depends on it (and maybe it does). One of them is always quiet, or perhaps, his snores can’t be heard over the din the others create… Hard to believe we need to pay people to make noise so we can sleep soundly.

I can listen to them yelling already, though it’s only 10 30.


4 Responses to “Right Now”

  1. Chakri Says:

    Nice start buddy keep it up…

  2. Chakri Says:

    Ah… nice post good start… Guys watchout there is much more to come

  3. sudhir Says:

    I think they have their own comprehensions of the phrase sound sleep…:P

    way to go goddess(the one and only)
    please accept my tributes

  4. CLS Says:

    This is the first time I heard this version of the phrase 😛

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