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Dreams Are Free… November 28, 2005

Filed under: The Way I Am,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 11:07 pm

Are they really?

Sometimes, I wonder, do dreams come for too high a price? Or are we prepared to give up too little to see them fulfilled?

I’m not sure.

Either way, I think, sometimes, parents want to take away too much from us for having given us all that they have.

How much do we owe our parents? Do we owe it to them to give up our all the dreams we have for ourselves so that their dreams for us might be fulfilled? Do we owe it to them to obey without question?

Other times, I wonder, if we gave up everything for them, would they even appreciate it?

Questions without answers, no doubt. But questions keeping me awake of late…

~ Me


4 Responses to “Dreams Are Free…”

  1. Srini Says:

    Dream on…irrespective u have to sacrifice them or fulfill them…

    the fun is in dreaming…and if u sacrifice ur dream for someone u love…then ur dream will still be a dream…

    and if u fulfill ur dream and sacrifice ur love…neither remains..

    with parents like you…your kids will have a choice about theirdreams

    something which u could only dream of…

  2. Chakri Says:

    Dreams come for a price only if you want them to be real in your life. When you mix dream life and real life then friction would be there.
    Never try to mix dreams, goals and waht you want from life and what you would settle for in life..Maybe ur definition of dreams is differnt than mine.

    How much do we owe our parents?
    if we gave up everything for them, would they even appreciate it?
    I feel no one on earth can give you a satisfactory answer..

  3. Kk Says:

    hi ! U know.., u don’t owe ANYTHIN 2 ur parents !U don owe anythin to ur near n dear ! If u did., it wud b a business deal., not a relation. but yes.., u can do somethin 4 them .., be true to them., and always be there 4 them whenever they need u !

  4. Intimate Thoughts Says:


    why is that we always kinda think that dreams are “totally – a one person thing”..

    I believe…we get wings to our dreams…when we can speak of them to ppl who matter a lot – in this case parents…

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