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Sleepyyy… December 2, 2005

Filed under: The Way I Am — The Goddess @ 11:28 pm

I noticed something about myself, or maybe it holds true for everyone, I get a little too honest when I’m really sleepy…

http://localhost:7001/webapp/ thats all I ever do these days. Write code for the front end of a web application. And keep testing it. I wonder, what is the whole point of being a developer anyway… Is this what I want to do? Write code for crazy people to come up with crazier incentives for completely insane customers? Work hard all day and not even be able to build my code because some fool checked in uncompiled code into the cvs?

I’m not sure…

It’s a crazy crazy world of IT outsourcing. Fueled by change requests and people who work on weekends for the pizzas…



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