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Orkut December 4, 2005

Filed under: The Way I Am,Through a Woman's Eyes — The Goddess @ 12:14 am


Been pretty active on orkut this last couple of months. Was a good thing. Made some friends, got some people to read my blog… 🙂 A place to get an ego boost….
by that, i mean the part where a pretty girl puts up a pic and gets a dozen or so random scraps asking to be ‘friends’… poor souls, do they really understand that we mark them “haven’t met” and never even bother to look back, let alone scrap? my pic changes in a couple of days and their purpose of adding me onto their friends list (beautification of their own profiles) is lost…

You know, sometimes, i wonder if life would have been simpler if my iq was a few points (ok, a lot of points, its way above average) less. perhaps i would be better equiped to understand the world…

~ Me


One Response to “Orkut”

  1. Chakri Says:

    People with less IQ may fit into the world… like a thousand hen that fit into a cramped poultary truck and still not complain.

    Are u so inclined to get defeated that you cant see when u win?

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