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Doctors are fixers December 20, 2005

Filed under: Link Out,Randomness,Through a Woman's Eyes — The Goddess @ 10:26 pm

Sam: want to hear my troubles?
Srini: u did not sound like u have many
Sam: here it goes
Sam: my eyes are burning for the past 3 days because of dust in the office (construction)
Sam: i have a cold
Srini: yeah that can be dealt with…
Srini: no probs…its takes a week
Sam: (allergy, actually, because of the aforementioned dust)
Sam: sore throat
Srini: allegra 120 two time s a day
Srini: no antibiotics
Sam: hmm
Srini: let the body fight
Sam: and a wisdom tooth reminding me it exists
Srini: no issues…u r talking the best regarding that..he he he
Sam: on top of that, i sit right under the ac vent
Srini: that u should avoid…but again
Srini: try warm water gorgles
Sam: and i think im running a slight temp as a result of all the above
Sam: finally, i get insulted by random people at work
Srini: take a crocin b4 sleep
Sam: get dragged into unnecessary meetings
Sam: and this is the icing on the cake
Sam: it seems, im getting ’emotional’ at work
Srini: possible comment…cos u threatened to resign
Sam: they think im crying because my eyes are red and my nose is watering
Sam: its so irritating
Srini: (laughing smiley)

like i said, doctors are fixers…

~ Sam


2 Responses to “Doctors are fixers”

  1. WritingBuddha Says:

    Hey Sam….I came accross this blog and your other blogs while joblessly browsing on orkut, checking people’s personal website mentioned there…

  2. Chakri Says:

    Looks like the doctor fixed your blog as well..
    You can rename the post in the blog as “Sam’s Last post

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