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Love? Or Something Like It? January 3, 2006

Filed under: The Way I Am — The Goddess @ 11:18 pm

I have no real clue what love is or what it means.

But I have been seeing all these lovesick people around me for so long now, that i needed to sit down and figure out my own version of the thing.

My version of the thing has been pretty complicated so far. I have dissected it much, anazlysed it from all possible angles, put it through much scrutiny and come up with some really wild theories.

Oh, no… It’s not like i subject the unfortunate guys who want to enter the inner circle with statements like, “If you really love me, you would…”

Far from that in fact. Perhaps that would make things easier for them. After all, it would at least allow them to come up with a yes, no or get lost…

What i do is worse. I come up with statements that begin with, “If I really loved you, I would…”
And never say them aloud. The possiblities just hover around in my head and make me wonder over and over again, “What is wrong with me, what more could I possibly want?” And at the end of it all, I am stuck watching happy couples on New Years’ Eve.

Cranky, upset, bored, and though I hate to admit it, lonely…

Life is strange…


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