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Boink! January 9, 2006

Filed under: Life — The Goddess @ 10:04 am

Have you ever met someone who makes you go “Boink!!!” ?

By that, I don’t mean just physically, though thats definitely not something to be overlooked…
I mean in all ways, “Boink!!!”

I did. I met someone, rather two someones.

One, i found irresistably sexy. Boink was a mild word to describe that chemistry. But he was a jerk in many ways. Really, hormones can wreck a lot of havoc…

The other, well, with the other its like looking into a mirror. Not even a mirror… Its like looking at yourself from a 90 degree angle, you see everything that you haven’t seen before and you really like it. It’s like standing in front of a mirror all your life and staring at yourself and bemoaning the fact that you’re fat and then suddenly realising how thin you really are when you look at your reflection sideways…

Upside down is not the way to look at things… A change in angle is more like it…


One Response to “Boink!”

  1. Chakri Says:

    There is nothing called an ugly face there is just a distorted mirror…:P
    Boink !
    I would hold a discussion about this offline..

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