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The Dreaded Day Has Passed February 14, 2006

Filed under: Randomness,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 9:48 pm

Valentine’s Day.

Doesn’t seem any different from any other day when its spent in under the tubelights sipping bru instant coffee dispensed precisely by the vending machine. I have a fascination for vending machines, actually… but more about that later…

You know, the moral police actually handed out leaflets this year… In colleges, if The Times is to be believed (actually, The Times is not worth believing much) And they also tried to ‘educate’ florists…

Anyway, the card shops were decked up, so were half the girls at work, and there were a lot of sms sent out. I loved the one my ex-roomie sent me, “No love is sincerer than the love of food. Happy Valentine’s Day”. Made the day worthwhile. Took the edge off all those sappy forwards. You know, the ones in pink text with lots of hearts all over them…


Another year has passed. And I still havent got that one thing i wish someone would give me on valentines day… A huge glittering pink heart shaped box (with a red bow stuck on it) with a dozen or so overly sweet chocolates that I would never eat.

But another year has passed, i have not got anything let alone my dream box of chocolates… Sigh! Whatever…

Did you have fun?


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