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Hearts are Held Together By Band-Aids March 4, 2006

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They are…

Band-aids you may be too scared to remove although the wound has healed, or others that you just taped right this moment…

Are all those hurts real? You may ask. Nopes. They’re not.

Most things that hurt hearts are like the monsters under Calvin’s bed. Only he can see them. But they’re real to him, they scare him and they prevent him from gettng a good night’s sleep.

Sometimes, you need to let go and see what happens. Sometimes, you need to live for the moment that is. And sometimes, the price of that moment of madness may be someone elses trust.

Sometimes, you remember that you’re only 22 with just a few months left to live the life you’re used to living. Other times, you may remember (or be reminded) that something else is more important than this moment.

What really counts? Your madness or someone else’s trust? Is it as easy as running behind the person you hurt and asking him to come back to you? He may return, he may not. And you must understand that though you may not remember, he still remembers the times you were afraid of sparrows and times when he picked you up and posed for now fading black-and white pictures taken in the biggest park in town.

Trust doesn’t come easy. Breaking it is as easy as one little snap.

Reminds me of that little doha we studied in school. Roughly translated it means,
If the thread of a relationship breaks, you can never join it again.
And if you do join it again, there will always be a knot.

That’s the way it is…


3 Responses to “Hearts are Held Together By Band-Aids”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sam, kya ho gaya?

  2. WritingBuddha Says:

    hey so much catharsis at this age.. i am surprised.

  3. CLS Says:

    should wait till I’m as old as you then?

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