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Agastya Sen March 10, 2006

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This was about a month ago… saved it on the desktop, publishing it now.

Agastya Sen has been keeping me company in office lately.

There’s a lot of work to be done. And very little time in which to do it, but still, I continue to pretend to be running an ant script or starting up weblogic and waiting for something to happen while reading the book some more.

It’s the right time to read the book. Especially so when I have gained a certain perspective and sense of humour on life, loneliness and sex. Well, not as much on sex. But some anyway.

So, anyway, the book just seems to prove what I suspected all along. That confusion is not without. It’s within. 

Thought things would be different once I got to work. It didn’t. I still think things would change if I decided to ‘apply and fly’ as Srini puts it. But it won’t. The confusion is inside.

What is the confusion, really… Why is it so difficult to understand that something is right or wrong or good or bad?

Why is it so difficult to take a leap? And why is it so wrong to accept that you’re wrong?

Am not sure.

All I know is that this was the biggest mistake I made.

Taking up something I knew I could not do. Or maybe it’s not a mistake after all. I need to accept I’m not perfect. I don’t even want to be a dus bata dus. I want to be the person who helps other people get that 10/10. I’m happier not taking the test…


3 Responses to “Agastya Sen”

  1. CLS Says:

    oh, how i delude myself…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    SRCC? Dartmouth?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    well, do i have any friends who’re not confused?

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