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Some More Louve Stuff… March 10, 2006

Filed under: Life — The Goddess @ 10:22 am

When our hearts go gooey over someone, does the same happen to our minds as well?

Why is it that all normal, rational conversation seems to come to a standstill once a romance starts? Why do I have a strong suspicion that all those people who hang around in coridoors with their cellphones stuck to their left ears (there was a forward circulated recently that the radiation causes less damage if the phone is held agains the left ear rather than the right, and though nobody ‘believes’ these ‘stupid forwards’ no one likes taking a chance) don’t really have anything to say to the other person?

Someone pointed out the other day that I seem to be talking too much about love these days. Does this have anything to do with the someone who makes me look at life from a 90 degree angle? Well, in a way it does. But in most ways, it doesn’t.

It’s got everything to do with the fact that I am healing and I am moving on. It doesn’t hurt so much anymore to think about some things that are past.

And oh, there’s no one to make me look at life from a 90 degree angle anymore… Not as of now anyway. Result of the aforementioned impulsiveness.


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