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Bloggers Block May 4, 2006

Filed under: Randomness,The Way I Am — The Goddess @ 9:51 pm

Now, it so happened the other day that…

The last two people you would expect to see there were…

Oh! Puh-Lease!!!! Give me a break!

Sheesh!! Can you not dwell on that?

Sam, NO!!! You have eaten out half the chocolate shop already…
But it’s Cadbury’s Vintage!

Bruised? Chairs get bruised after you bump into them?

Do you not like each other?

Do not use eclipse in training…

Spoiled for life, that’s what you are…

Hmm… Ok, I know.

And that my dear, is the way it is…


2 Responses to “Bloggers Block”

  1. WoRLd of MaH oWn!! Says:

    i really lyke d way u scribble hia… bt 2 tel ya d truth cnt get nethng in mah head:P… bt it ws fun readin:D:D

  2. CLS Says:

    hey, neither did I! 🙂

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