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Maayabazaar May 18, 2006

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I admit, I do laugh at all assorted statues of NTR across Andhra Pradesh and do poke fun of Nageswara Rao’s hairstyle.

BUT… This has got to be one of the best movies ever. And if you don’t understand Telugu, not being able to understand Maayabazaar is reason enough to regret it.

Have you noticed the subtle humour and the gentle sarcasm that continues to play in the background throughout? You can watch it a million times and still get a new pun or a new joke each time.

Some of my favourite scenes from the movie:

When Sasi opens her ‘magic box’ and bursts into song, “neeve na”. I can never really understand what the crashing of waves is supposed to symbolize. Is it her burning passion? Or something else?

The part where they go for the boat ride in the moonlight. She almost jumps off the balcony and suddenly asks, “Bava, Malla paiki ela vacchedi?”. Priceless!

Of course, the song itself is a classic. “Lahiri Lahiri”. Just pay attention to the lyrics.

One of my favourite actors. S V Ranga Rao. Makes such an impressive Rakshasa. Somehow, I seem to connect Prakash Raj to him. Similar styles of acting. More unconventional looking the actor, the larger the variety of roles he gets to play. The good looking guys are always the good guys. Never get a chance to do anything different.

Rambu and Jimbu of course, have captivated me since I was a kid. Sense in nonsense to (shudder) use a well worn cliche.

And my favourite scene of them all. “Chinna chepanu pedda chepa… Chinna maayanu penu paaya…”

There are of course the standard things. Savitris acting in the second half, our very own Lakshamana Kumarudu, the pelli peddalu and finally, the moment they saved the coconuts for, Sri Krishnuli vaari Viswaroopam!

You can’t tire of the movie. One of the few things that make me happy to be a telugu. 🙂

Coming soon: Missamma and Gundamma Katha…


4 Responses to “Maayabazaar”

  1. WoRLd of MaH oWn!! Says:

    i dnt evn knw wht ya r tokin abt….:((

  2. CLS Says:


  3. vish Says:

    What ! new look and all..i loved the pink.

    and hi-fi on mayabazaar..cant hardly wait for GK and Missamma [old missama no? promise???]


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.

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