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For people breaking up… June 18, 2006

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Excerpts from a mail I often recycle:

Why am I sharing this? dunno, late night searches on gmail yeild surprising results.

My Dear Sweetie

I truly believe (remember, I hardly ever believe, I’m a skeptic) that sometimes, we look for love in places that were never quite right. and we let ourselves forget everything we have in our quest for just that one thing. that one piece we believe will complete our lives…

And when we do, life likes to give us this huge whack on our head. (you know, sometimes, i think life has a tendency to go gotcha!) and tell us to look around once again and reorganize what we think we know about love. sometimes, it seems fair. sometimes, it doesnt. but always, always, always it makes sense.

Why do we give up on things when we do? why do we let ourselves be taken advantage of? why do we go running back? why do we forgive? why do we pretend we forget? why do we pretend to be brave? why do we feign indifference? why dont we acknowledge the hurt? why dont we express the sense of betrayal?

there are no answers.

but pretend we do and go on we must.

love leaves deep scars. nothing hurts deeper or more.

i am told long walks, pink floyd, warm showers and chocolate help.

i know crying does.

life is too short to compromise, Sweetie.

too short to wonder about what could have been.

you have your answer. you know what could have been. you had the courage to chase your dream.

dont be angry. dont be disappointed.

someday, the hurt shall pass.

And i know you will survive and come out of this stronger than before.

till then, you know you’re not alone.



6 Responses to “For people breaking up…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I had to leave a comment on this…
    dad n me were discussing wat Irwin said jus today!:O

    And…yeah Life is too short for regrets…and yea,
    Conscious,as we all are-of the world around us,sometimes i feel i havent cried enuf,i cud have cried for a lot more things….”i cud have”

    But,i always settles for the Thatcherism “I am alright Jack”…and yea it worked!

    like someone said…
    There are two kinds of people in this world-ones who dichotomize it and ones who dont!
    (Wish i cud hav submitted this anonymous!)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Guess the anony person…juzz tried if anony worked..and it did!

  3. CLS Says:

    cant guess… really cant. please reveal yourself!

  4. Anirudh Sravan Says:

    It was me!who else vivists this place

  5. CLS Says:


  6. tHeChOsEnOnE Says:


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