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To Sleep, Or not to Sleep June 18, 2006

Filed under: Randomness — The Goddess @ 1:54 am

And the answer is, not to sleep.

Its 2:23am (c’mon, who even ‘sees’ the timestamp) and I’m wide awake.

I should have been alseep 4 hours ago (I love my sleep, please dont feel sorry for me)

I have days like these sometimes, when I force myself to sleep, because its something I ‘should’ do. But I don’t really want to. Because something seems missing inside.

Just moments.

Btw, I found a couple of blogs that I really like.

Will post a link here till I can get the new template up and running. Vikster and his friend Visual Scribe

There are times when you want to drop the whole facade (you know you’ve been coding too much when facade refers to an EJB in a design pattern) and just be. And you wonder if it’s too late to hear the voice inside. Stop thinking for a while. Go quiet. And after a few moments, there’s the answer, you’re not as deep as you thought you were.

There’s something univer sal about blogs and life and love and the general ramblings of lost friendship, found love, jobs that suck and a general hope for tomorrow that makes me go on and post comments on some.

It’s the same thing that makes me wonder what I’m looking for in the guy I will eventually have to marry (nopes, they’re hunting harder than usual). And whe I read all these blogs, I wonder. When people are so alike, and looking for pretty much the same things, why is it so hard to get along?

Somethings, never make sense. Especially not at 2 in the night.

We need to talk sometime (read, I ramble, you read)

G’nite Sweeties!


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