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Excerpts From A Conversation This Evening July 7, 2006

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Post dedicated to Vamuddin:

Conversation between me and Chief Architect:

Me: Is there a problem opening excel files through our application in the preprod environment?

CA: (after a deep, thoughtful, profound, pause) Not really, you can expect two rows of junk but the remaining data should be correctly reproduced.

Me: It’s not happening.

CA: Did you attach a file with valid data?
(whats a valid excel file? pray tell…)

Me: I attached a requirements clarification document.

(Long Pause…)

Maybe thats all the sense our requirements and clarifications ever make…

(Short pause…)



3 Responses to “Excerpts From A Conversation This Evening”

  1. Vamaddin Says:

    I was searching for parrot and monkey but found an ass named kumar.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Mwah mwah muchuk muchuk.
    Orkut makes me miserable. I don’t like reading random scraps about PG’s success and whatnot. Am I petty?

  3. CLS Says:

    vamaddin… you should be more cryptic 😛

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