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Sudden Mails July 7, 2006

Filed under: Life,Little Too Much,The Way I Am,Through a Woman's Eyes — The Goddess @ 11:34 pm

Sometimes, when you check your mail after a long time, you find some mails that jolt you.

Mails that come from unexpected quarters. Agreed, you’re just one in the entire train of people who were written to, but still, you realise that you’re still a long forgotten, trailing yet undiscarded bogie in that express.

Q: Why is that so unpleasant?
A: It’s not. It’s just a little jolt.

Q: Then What is the problem?
A: Nothing, really…

Q: …
A: …

Leads to nowhere. You’re still upset by something. But you know you can’t say it aloud without feeling stupid.

Ok, I admit it, there are some pepople who I still think about often enough, but feel stupid for still hanging on to memories of.

I also admit that there are people who I can’t really understand. Never really understood, but tried in my own weird way to understand, and failed.

There are also people who tried understanding me, but who failed miserably at it.

Most often, the two sets overlap.

But there is a third set. A small set. The set who continue to jolt and will always do so no matter how many miles may separate our hearts. These are the people who were offered, but never took. Who knew, but didn’t admit. People who cared, but never said. And people who pushed and then walked away. People who you let get away with, all because you cared.

People who… People who you never lose hope about and always think you could have done just that little more for to make them look back at what they walked away from.

In short, the people who’re hardest to get over because somewhere deep inside, you just dont want to admit you failed.

This post’s dedicated to all those people. (In case you’re reading). I regret everything I ever did to hurt you. Just wanted to say this in case something happens. Life is short.

~ Sam

ps: i get morbid everytime i look at my latest medical record… please excuse.


7 Responses to “Sudden Mails”

  1. aquarius Says:

    strange to hear about life’s shortness from u… and what medical records….
    you are sounding like samANAND

  2. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    hmm.. for the lil that matters, its always a two way road, and.. never look back with a regret – cos – what we do and what we say was the best that we thought, at that point in time.

    sounds funny, a wild stallion looks amazing (free and unbound), but its the muzzled horse that wins and wins…

    I aint saying that life is all about winning – It’s about knowing how to fail too – We are moulded off our rough edges to evolve as a beautiful person – every rough edge thats chipped off pains – but when the final sclupture evolves – all is worth it –


  3. sagar Says:

    scary!!! dont have much to say other than that!

  4. CLS Says:

    i’m not suffering from any terminal illness or something, don’t worry


    I’ve read worse on your blog 😛 but thanks anyway…

  5. sagar Says:

    its just that ya like somebody for their qualities but ya love them for their defects!!
    we might often confuse between the two an wonder why things dont work the way we want… so thats the way the cookie crumbles!!

  6. vish Says:

    Wow..Love this post 🙂 May I link it sometime?In any case..I’m saving it !

  7. CLS Says:


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