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Battle of The Pencils… July 13, 2006

Filed under: Personal Favourites,Priceless,Randomness — The Goddess @ 11:57 am

We were waging a battle of wits, my friend WhirlWind and I. With The Goddess perched on his desk, and the both giggling whilst the common multitude battled bugs. This is the result.

Yes, I agree, we might have got just a wee bit carried away… 😛


8 Responses to “Battle of The Pencils…”

  1. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    hmm… that was the most produdtive work we did for that day ..

    hidden in the image is a true reperesentation of many secrets of the tower8 3rd floor of work world…

    unlock the secrets… the best secret revealed wins a blog dedication ..:P

    – Whirlwind

  2. CLS Says:

    There are a lot of PVC’s on our floor 😛

    Where’s my Prize?

  3. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    we will initiate an award in your name –

    Award of achievemnt for the BEST PVC category.

  4. CLS Says:

    Me hurted, make that “Award of achievemnt for the BEST PVC scandalizer category.”

    Btw, Must educate the masses on what PVC is.

  5. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    @ all readers …coming soon….the secret decoded – all about what PVC is….

    Clue: its ‘supposed’ to be chemically inert 😛

  6. CLS Says:


    WW meant:
    Clue: its ‘supposed’ to be chemically inert 😛

    😛 🙂

  7. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    thats the fist desc of PVC…you can’t know if its chemicallyinert…

    pun intended ..if you dinn get it…

    Fact – you dinn get the pun – you might have traces of PVC in you …:P

  8. vish Says:

    You should strat a doodle dedicated to doodles..if you intend to do many more of them ofcourse 😉

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