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There are some things I really cannot understand… August 2, 2006

Filed under: Personal Favourites — The Goddess @ 6:30 pm

This one is for (and about) one of the sweetest people I’ve met lately.

How can people not want to twirl around, grab everyone they meet and shake them by the shoulders and declare that they’re in love?

How can people want their life to be calm and quiet and uncluttered (whether it is or not is irrelevant at this point)?

How is it that not everyone likes to ride on a roller coaster of emotions?

Is it possible, that everyone doesn’t like to be complicated?

Could it be that not everyone likes the tinsel and flowers that have to accompany weddings?

Could it be that some people prefer to be alone-alone and not alone in a crowd?

And could it possibly be that sane people are crazy too?


4 Responses to “There are some things I really cannot understand…”

  1. one of the sweetest people you've met lately. Says:

    the answers shall come.

  2. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    so…so many …how(s)…and Could(s)….

    Could it be that you are wondering about how could it be 😛


  3. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    wonder where my comments diappeared !!

  4. Rosie Says:

    Hmm interesting….sane ppl crazy? U should see my blogs….im far from sane!!! Haa haa…

    I like what you write, 🙂 Keep it up! All the best.

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