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It’s safe August 10, 2006

Filed under: The Way I Am — The Goddess @ 4:41 pm

“You live too much in your head, my love.” he said.

I agreed.

What is it that prevents you from stepping into reality?

In my dreams, said I, I have conquered the demons, been with the angels and lived like I was a queen.

In my dreams, said I, I am what I choose to be. And the only times I hurt is when I chose to inflict the pain upon myself.

Where do you go? he asked, When you are not with me… For I see that you are not here.

Why would you want to hurt yourself if you are free to be as you choose? And what is it that you so fear, that you hide away from me?

I hide away from myself. Why would I not hide from you?

There are times in my life when I shed tears that do not belong to me, there are times in my life when I am not sure where or who I am. There are times when I feel what you feel, live as you live and be who you are. Why? I do not know. But this is who I am.

But be sure, said I, that when you do say that I have taken your hurt away, I really have taken it, though not away.

What to do, I am like this only.

Please excuse… 😛


One Response to “It’s safe”

  1. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    Mortal floored !

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