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Of Disclaimers and Chess… August 14, 2006

Filed under: Life,The Way I Say It — The Goddess @ 10:25 pm

This post is dedicated to a small part of every one of us, one bit of us that refuses to accept reality. If you know that bit of yourself, the better for you…

Sometimes, in life, things hit us hard. Life has a way of dropping you down from heights that scare, but never hurt.

Sometimes, things happen that leave you wondering what really happened. Difficult to understand, but real. Sometimes, no matter what grandpa says, there is no black and white, only gray.

Things are done. They are ended. You need to move on. Remember the nice stuff and let go of the not so nice, you’re not there anymore.

Some things will not happen. They are not meant to happen. You might want it but you can’t have it. Let go of the dreams.

You may drop dead tomorrow. Do not allow yourself to be misunderstood. Correct assumptions now.

Hurting someone is worse than hurting your own ego.

Be nice to people and don’t ignore them hoping they’ll go away.

That’s it from Aunty Sam for tonight. More details tomorrow. Ta! Ta!


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