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What Have I Become????? August 23, 2006

Filed under: The Way I Am,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 10:12 pm

Sam: not home yet?
Old Friend: no in office
Old Friend: month end release
Old Friend: jus treplying to some mails
Old Friend: fire fighting
Old Friend: guess what im downloading …
Old Friend: The_Top_100_Greatest_Rap_Songs__4CD !!
Sam: lol
Sam: brilliant
Sam: you fire fighting
Sam: nice
Sam: me completely burned
Sam: 😀
Old Friend: 😛
Old Friend: burn and learn
Sam: yeah
Sam: kinda
Sam: its irritating
Sam: they dont let you get sick
Sam: 😦
Sam: Hi Sirisha

I’m at home right now, could you please give me a call on my mobile? I need to discuss the following defects:

Old Friend: hmm
Sam: 😥
Old Friend: hehe
Sam: when did i ever become that Old Friend
Sam: ??
Sam: when?
Sam: when?
Sam: when??????
Sam: 😥
Old Friend: leave before its too late dear
Sam: lol


Old Friend: updated orkut profile
Old Friend: music interests
Sam: oops
Sam: do we need to scroll the page now?
Old Friend: ill keep adding
Old Friend: everyday
Sam: lol
Sam: their database will crash
Sam: aaarrrghhhh
Sam: i have changed from “the site will crash” to “application will crash” to “server will crash” to “database will crash” over the period of a year
Sam: Old Frienddddd
Old Friend: yesss
Sam: theres no hope for me
Sam: 😥


2 Responses to “What Have I Become?????”

  1. Chakri Says:

    I can assure you that the west-most point in your clusermap (that tracks your visitors) is me 🙂
    I wonder how you have more readers in Chennai than in Hyd.. Whoa.. you have a reader in south america 😮

  2. s-i-r Says:

    leave leave!!! leave!

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