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I scream on my orkut profile September 7, 2006

Filed under: The Way I Am,The Way I Say It — The Goddess @ 11:26 am

"I READ!!!!

I read in the bus, I read on the train, in the car, in my cubicle, online, the newspaper the dhobi puts in my clothes, people's blogs, Karan Johar movie reviews, javascript tricks, forwards in my mail, Chacha Chowdhry comics, Management Gyan, Quality Process Manuals...

In short, I READ."

I love reading. Two books a week defines my life.

It is so sad to see children grow up not knowing about the faraway tree and teenagers wondering who Anne Frank was and parents thinking the ultimate aim of life is to ensure they turn out 10/10 kids (kids who get 10/10 in every test they take).

What is happenening to BOOKS?

We memorize words and their meanings for exams now. Could there come sadder days?


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