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Hyderabad September 18, 2006

Filed under: My Idea of Humour,Priceless — The Goddess @ 3:36 pm

I have spent the better part of the last year and a half talking to hyderabadis (the kind who can tell you where the original Ohris with the tin roof – was it a tin roof? i forget – was) and trying to make some sense of this city.

Here’s what I found.

1. Do NOT under any circumstances be on time. Please. Kill time at nearest mall if needed. If asked why you are late, say, “ATM”.

2. Expect people to point right and say, aage left trun (intended spelling) lene ka.

3. Expect auto-wallahs to ask in front of Begumpet station, Secunderabad wala St Francis madam? And then whiz away in disgust wen you say. Nahin begumpet wala.

4. While on the subject of auto-wallahs, expect them to say, 50 mein madhapur aata when you say 85 mein punjagutta.

5. Do NOT expect to try and cross any road without feeling that someone will run over your toes.

6. Expect to eat Ice Cream and Gulab Jamun at all weddings irrespective of whatever else is served or whatever the season (a typically AP thing, expect to see old aunties in pattu saris with lots of gold chains and blue rubber chappals).

7. Expect to see statues with in-built ladders at all major and minor intersections.

8. Learn to say Nakko, Kaiku and Aisa Kya. Leave alone getting used to hearing them.

9. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to getting a ticket in Black.

10. Do not be decieved by appearance, the weirdest looking guy will get up when you point up/out and say “Ladies”

Any more?


13 Responses to “Hyderabad”

  1. Archana Says:

    hey hey hey u forgot wrds like tumbre, galli lo lolli,pudingi….

    and yeah its very much true i can relate myself wth all the situations.. in these 14 months!!;)

  2. harsh screwala Says:

    this was hilarious!!!anyways one of the comments on my blog was “kya mama! bloggan karreee?” humm! i figure that was posted by some hyderabadi worth his cup of irani chai!!!lol!
    great post will keep visiting this blog

  3. CLS Says:

    thenku thenku! i yam not being able to post any comments on your blog.

  4. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    aree wah!! mast blog. Aisaich likne ka hain…

    party kab?

    Party: Dictionary defines it as “A group of people gathered together for pleasure”

    Hyderabadi : PArty is about having a single chai 5 times in 2 hours on the same bench – for any of the following important reasons:

    1. Kya mast weather hain miya
    2. makee..mast potti dikhi hain yaron (yaron nasalated)
    3. wah – kya blog-
    4. Aisaich
    5. Party Kaiku – Party nahin? Chal Hyderabad mein rehne ka nahin
    6. Party

    7. Kaiku ?? bolte tho..

  5. Anuj Says:

    Hey the auto wallahs here are pretty ince compared to other metros 🙂 And yes I was scared when i first landed here that if I stay here too long my hindi wuld go for a toss.. But I am loving it !!! Hyd rocks

  6. Anirudh Sravan Says:

    Aunties in rubber slippers…clad in pure pattu
    and the jewellery, the pakka ATHAR scent…
    can it get more Hyd’bad-er?

  7. Anirudh S.P. Says:

    Pattu Saress and rubber slippers

    ice cream and Gulab Jamun..LOLZZZ

    Autowallahs hurling expletives at every other street corner,the sooty office staircases, APSRTC buses that make u run for ur ride

    gooood one!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    hey u forgot the basic hyderabadi expression

    ” abbahhh, kya blog hai mama”

  9. CLS Says:

    thenk you all! me thinks me should write lighter things…

    btw, deleted comment is not objectionable, it just reveals my identity a lil more than i would like to acknowlegde is out there… 😛

  10. sumod_talking Says:

    hey is this the top ten… coz this can’t be all…

    plz make it a top twenty, there have to be many more situations u got into… tell us more 🙂

    lol @ pattu saari clad chappal sporting aunties 😀

  11. CLS Says:


    big 🙂 you made my day! er… night… err… evening… bleh! whatever… Please check my latest post on what I plan to blog about!

  12. uiucStudent Says:

    heh i totally empathize with observation 10..i mean i do it all the time 😀

  13. forgetful functor Says:

    My experience in last nine months is not v different.

    Now i’ll read ur other posts

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