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Just Say It!!! October 20, 2006

Filed under: Blogging,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 2:28 pm

I read someone’s blog today, and I thought I was being called names. But was wise enough to research before taking offence. Reading the blogs of a few other people in the immediate vicinity (blog-wise, of course) made me realize that there was a nice little reaction (justified too, I suppose) to the post somewhere else already, I wasn’t the one being called names.

I targetted a blog post at someone, and someone else took offence and stopped talking to me altogether.

I had a fight with one friend and yet another read my blog and asked why the hell I’m so angry with her about.

I read a friend’s blog last night, I was scared that he was suicidal and almost called before I realised that it was an attempt at a novel.

Some blog fights ping on for days…

People have brilliantly satirical/intense/intelligent arguements on a third person’s blog (wonder where the talent disappears when it comes to their own blogs)

Everyone seems to be talking to someone. All blogs seem to leave the reader wondering if it was meant to be read or meant to be read

We’re all talking. On phone, on sms, on blog, on comment, on profile, on community on every scrap of space (weak pun) that we seem to find…

But it all leaves me with a slightly disturbed feeling. Why are we not talking to each other? Yes S, I want to say something to you. But I have no clue how or when. And are you even interested in what I have to say?

So I say it here instead. And if it worries T instead, well, I must simply write to T in the post after that…

Some day, I will. For now, the post title must suffice.


One Response to “Just Say It!!!”

  1. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    said it

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