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Thank You! October 26, 2006

Filed under: Priceless — The Goddess @ 4:08 pm

It’s not that I cannot drive… I was just in an extremely “roll down windows and play scandalous songs” mood today.

However, let me hasten to add, I believe 40 (kmph for my saat samundar paar red dots… err readers) is a valid speed. The condition has been brought on by sitting with dad for too long (dad drives at 80 btw)

But of all people I know, of all the guys I have met, I have yet to meet one who is so sweet, so patient and so trusting of a novice, woman driver (I am told either alone is a lower life form, so I shudder to think about the implications of being both).

It’s not everyone who trusts you with their shiny new car after treating you to coffee almond fudge at the farthest baskin robbins outlet.

Thank you! You made my day…


2 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Archana Says:

    yo yo i agree wth you

    and yeah i also wanna thank for heaven wth hot chocolate syrup and the drive tho the return journey was lil scary šŸ˜›

  2. Anonymous Says:

    im from the telegraph. im doing a story on bloggers in jharkhand. i got ur link in a blog search. are u from jharkhand? wud u like to contribute to the story? plz mail me at


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