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Conversation With Nothingness November 11, 2006

Filed under: The Way I Say It — The Goddess @ 12:32 am

Hurt is a funny thing.

It blocks your brain and stops it from remembering anything at all that you may have done from the day it occurred till today in your quest to avenge it.

But some things need to be said. Especially unsaid words that might have made you shed copious tears through the nights.

I hold on the clipboard, the transcripts of a conversation that could probably be used as an example for a great many things. Wit and words and cleverness and evasion and a great chase with a broomstick in the quest for the truth…

But alas, its the gloss and the charm that are our undoing. We don’t like it, when the dexterity that we so admired works against us. And definitely do not like seeing before our very eyes the proof that what we so desperately believed was real was really not.

But thats how life goes. Words are said, things are blurred and life is nothing but a quest for the ctrl+alt+del…


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