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Cheer Up December 9, 2006

Filed under: Life,The Way I Say It,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 6:57 am

That’s what I want to say to a million people who I meet everyday. Why are you so forlon? What could possibly be so bad?

I know, I deserve to hear that too, sometimes, but I just don’t have friends as smart as me 😛 (sure fire way to get people to comment, stir up a controversy)

Today, I think I said that to someone who desperately needed to hear it. Cheer up! Laugh! Smile! There’s no need to be sad. No need to feel bad about anything. Live as you always must. Like there’s no tomorrow.

I think I learn that over and over many many times. And I like to think I forget that less and less with each passing day.

There are things that bother me. Dreams that I chase, battles that I fight, tears that I waste, Objects that I covet, Hunks of metal I wish I could own… The list is endless. After all, that’s what makes life. But at the end of it all, if you have a few friends you can sit with, conjure dramas with and laugh with, it makes the rest all worthwhile.

The saddest thing is not to hurt or be hurt. It’s not to lose. It’s not to be sad. It’s not to be sick. It’s not to miss the Chinese Combo at the lunch menu. It’s not to have the girl driver drive when you elope or to have a black sumo chasing you instead of white.

The saddest thing in the world is to be surrounded by a thousand people and still be or prefer to be alone.

As long as that doesn’t happen to you, things will be just fine. Smile!


4 Responses to “Cheer Up”

  1. Intimate Thoughts Says:

    Hmm, its wonderful to have those few ppl to ‘barge’ into lonely moments and bring a smile –

    GO ahead ppl – Barge

  2. faceless Says:

    Cheer Up!!! Things are not that bad when you really get down to them.

  3. CLS Says:

    @faceless… Whoa! Took me a whole blog post to say that!

  4. R1 Says:

    Hello,nice post

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