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Punny World, Like December 23, 2006

Filed under: My Idea of Humour,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 10:30 pm

If you’ve watched Aishwarya Rai’s excuse for a performance in Dhoom-2, you’ll forgive the title. I just had to pay the hot babe a tribute somewhere on this blog.

Emblazoned right across an RTC bus were the words “ABC an absolute Steel” (steal/steel get it?)

It was a miserable excuse for a pun weaving its way across the city possibly spawning more puns along the way.

We must stop this!

I think as a culture, and as a world, we’re so used to seing one thing do two things that we forgive bad puns more readily. I mean, if even Shamshu Chai Wala owns a mobile phone that plays songs, takes pictures and trims nose hair, what’s wrong in writing one sentence that means two things at once?

Of course, the answer is, a lot. Because are you sure you want to say both those things?

Are you sure you want a T-Shirt that reads “I Come Via-Agra”?

Lets not be so hard on the suggestive puns for now. But the normal ones. What is the Amul tribute to Dhoom-2 trying to do?

I’m just tired of this. I’m tired of puns being all there is to humour. And I’m tired of being subject to these ridiculous steels everyday.

Can’t we just drop some of these terrible puns? 😛


One Response to “Punny World, Like”

  1. Sudhir pai Says:

    me thinks you are rather pun-ctilious for word play!
    ingnore them and dont pun-ish yourself!

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