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The Dawn Of A New Year January 2, 2007

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2006 is done. And with it went the year that pushed me (albeit a little involuntarily) into adulthood.

I won’t recap. There are a 200 odd posts on 3 blogs to do that for me.

I won’t use things like “year full of surprises” It’s a sad thing to say. Life is defined by surprises.

But what I will say is, 2006 did leave me with some scars and some doubts that I was sure would take more than a year to heal.

Fortunately I was wrong.

I lived as I wanted to live. Made mistakes that I should have made. Learnt about people. Faced situations beyond most 22 year olds. Cried like my heart was broken (and it was). Laughed like this was all I ever wanted in life. And generally carried around a lot of baggage and still didnt get thin.

But it’s done.

It’s over.

2006 ended with Quiet, Smiles, Company of people who mean a lot to me, and brilliant fireworks that cost an obscene amount of money to watch 😛

But if 2006 ended brilliantly, 2007 began even better.

I sat on my favourite beach, watching the colours break, listening to the sea, watching the birds fly and old unclejis exercise. It was silence. And a feeling of being One with the world. I belong here. In this place, like this. This is who I am. This is who I’m not.

It’s a new year. More life and more mistakes.

If I do a million things, some which are prompted by my judgement, others which are not; some that I want to, others that I don’t; some that I believe in, and others that I scoff. They would all still be done the same way. If a few hundred of the million work, it’s enough.

I’m not going to sit on an armchair speculating on which things to do. It’s a waste of time. I’m not going to sit on the shore giving gyan. I’m not going to justify my fears with reason.

Let the whirring gears turn in the head, I’m grateful for that too.

~ Xai – Warrior Princess


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