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A Terrible Thing January 26, 2007

Filed under: Life — The Goddess @ 11:07 pm

One of the most terrible things I’ve ever done in my life was to dissect a person based on two conversations, crucify him in my head for a million things I imagined he was not and crucified him some more for being some brilliant things.

If you’re reading this (as you promised to) you know who you are. I’m sorry you got caught in the middle of this whirlwind that is my life.

But somewhere, I’m a deep believer in fate, karma and destiny. It was karma that led to a lot of things. And fate will lead elsewhere.

As of now, peace.


6 Responses to “A Terrible Thing”

  1. Chakri Says:

    Khali pili natak…
    reminds me of Dharmendra on the tank in Shoely.

  2. Peace Says:

    Hello.I like your blog and added it at with the blog title and discription.I would be thankful if you can put a link of my blog your blog
    as an exchange if you like it.thank you.regards

  3. Xai - Warrior Princess Says:

    thank you very much for taging my blog. but as a principle the only blogs i link to are those of people i know or whose identity is clear…

  4. Xai - Warrior Princess Says:

    genuine apology for someone, filmi suicide threat… connection? helloooo!!!

  5. Raja from somewhere in YouKay Says:

    Was just thinking, how many conversations did we have and how many times have I been nailed to the cross.

  6. chakri Says:

    @Genuine Apology -> Personal email/ phonecall/ in person

    @Drama -> On a public blog.

    If you insulted that someone on this blog then perhaps your apology makes sense.
    Again, I know its your presonal space and u r free to do whatever u feel like..

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