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A Comment on Comments January 30, 2007

Filed under: Life,The Way I Say It — The Goddess @ 10:01 am

The only comments I reject are spam, sometimes duplicates and occasional obsceneties. Other comments, though offensive are not rejected. Because they say more about the author than the post they’re aimed at.

@Genuine Apology -> Personal email/ phonecall/ in person

@Drama -> On a public blog.

If you insulted that someone on this blog then perhaps your apology makes sense.
Again, I know its your presonal space and u r free to do whatever u feel like..

What kind of people get a high from constantly dissecting someone else’s blog posts and posting smug comments?

What kind of people write comments that add no value which seek only to say “Ha! Inferior One!!”

What kind of people leave such comments and then also send mails asking for the comments to not be approved?

Do you know who I’m apologising to?
Do you know why I decided to put the apology on my blog?
Do you have the slightest clue as to what I’m really apoligising for?

What are you trying to prove? That you’re smart? Yes, I suppose you are. That you can say what you please on a public forum like a blog? Of course, you’ve proved that too. That I’m not as smart as you? Perhaps I’m not, really.

At least 50 people have read that apology since it was put up. Many must have wondered why it’s up on a blog instead of in a mail. But why is it that none chose not to react? Could it perhaps by any remote chance be that they have the taste to not leave such a comment?


It’s a free world. And a free space. And an interesting life.


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