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Jobin’s Blog February 8, 2007

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Why are there so many different churches ?

“There is only one Bible , but different intepretations lead to different denominations in Christianity.
Sometimes i dont understand whats the big deal people make about religion, it aint solving any real life problems,its just giving us hope…sometimes real sometimes false.”

This got me thinking and googling… And I found this:
Major Brahmin Castes

He was talking about the most popular religion in the world. I’m talking about a small community in India, all belonging to the same caste.

It’s confusing. Now, if I get this correctly, there are hardly any Brahmins left in the world. Not even those who work in temples live the life of austerity prescribed to them.

What happens to the Brahmins in the software industry? (it’s rather well populated by us) Are we all infidels not living by the Dharma that’s laid down to us? What about those who work in cutting edge research but do not even know the Gayatri Mantra? Are they Brahmins?

There is no such thing as purity of caste left anymore. There is no such thing as real religion. And 2000 years is long enough to believe that all the knowledge in the world is contained in the vedas.

It’s time we opened our eyes and looked a little and thought a little and realized the obvious. There is no right and wrong religion, church, temple or mosque. There is no right caste. There are no priests, kings, and peasants. There are only good and bad people. Right and wrong ways of life. And as long as I can bargain with the auto guy and hand over the change to a hungry old man someone up there will definitely smile down on me.


One Response to “Jobin’s Blog”

  1. whirlwind Says:

    I guess, we have forgoten that “Consistency” is not the necessary and sufficient condition for unity.

    It’s a healthy diversity (that leads to a community), while retaining the core essence (~leading to a right and wrong life) is what needed.


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