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International Women’s Day March 10, 2007

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A Tale of Struggle, Womanhood, Rights and Eve Teasing.

A lot has been said about women and equality and rights, about how women are proving themselves weak by fighting for rights, about how men are indeed more equal than women and most men, subtly or not so subtly, usually end up stating that women are better in the home than outside it.

Before people talk about women’s day being just another day for the greeting card industry and the spa’s, let me ask them to read this first. History of Women’s Day And since men have no such struggles to boast of, I hold that we don’t really need an International Men’s Day.

It’s a beautiful thing to be a woman. And no doubt, it must be wonderful to be a man too. What’s most important is that we all realize that as humans, and largely heterosexual humans at that, we definitely need to know how to complemement each other and live together.

What brings these differences is when we contemplate “The role of Man in Society” vs “The role of Woman” What is the need? There are no roles. There is a society, there are people and there is a lot of space for them to fit into. It is for an individual to find his or her true calling and go about making those dreams come real. Are men physically stronger? Perhaps. Are women emotionally stronger? Perhaps. But I can think of a lot of examples where things are the converse of it to!

As a woman, I would like to feel safe, physically. I would like to feel that I can do whatever I wish without being considered a slave to my hormones. And most importantly, I wish I could respect anyone, guy or girl, man or woman and see the person they are instead of the gender they are.

To say something extremely cheeky, given that gender is rather changeable these days, there’s no point defining roles… πŸ˜›


2 Responses to “International Women’s Day”

  1. whirlwind Says:

    hee hee..thats a cheeky one πŸ™‚

  2. Aisi Says:

    hmm. its rather easy to say there are no roles. but i’m afraid that is not true. there is a society. in that society there are different levels.

    yeah, certainly at one level – with a certain access to education and sense, there are individuals and people trying to be people rather than a gender.

    but unfortunately, there are other people, with a different state of mind, with a different upbringing that believe that “Man” is the definition of a role and Woman the definition of another.

    And these people are everywhere. So unfortunately again, the role definition stops being a conscious act and becomes inherent to the consciousness of the society itself.

    Phew! That being said, here’s to times when a good majority will see people for the person they are instead of the gender they are.

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