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To Brothers March 11, 2007

Filed under: Life,Personal Favourites,Randomness,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 12:32 pm

My own brother is rather eccentric. Coming from me, you should be able to guess by now that he must be really eccentric for me to have said that.

I only realized at 11pm last night however that I have another (little saner)brother. (no links to your identity bhai, I know it seriously undermines your image to be seen collecting sisters instead of girlfriends) One who takes the responsibilites implied by the word very seriously indeed.

So, yesterday, we were talking about me and my life in general and the direction it seems to be taking and some things that hurt and other things that show promise and it was a rather brilliant talk. It was nice of him to put off serenading his fiancee just to give someone a much needed, extremely neutral ear. It was rather touching, actually.

I know it’s not rakhi or brothers day (is there one?) or any such thing, but this last one week or so, I’ve felt really grateful for having a brother who wouldn’t let me get sentimental, emotional and worked up and for finding one who would get senti instead of me…


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