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The Price of a Human Being April 11, 2007

Filed under: The Way I Say It,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 3:18 pm

The reservations are in the news again. And I suppose we shall soon see the drama of fasting and fire and sacrifice and drama. Lives will be lost, though we can’t really say how many… And in the midst of it all, a question torments me…

What is the price of a human life?

Disclaimer: This may not be too tasteful, so wikipedia like warning here…

I attach more value to tigers and lions than humans. They play their part in the eco system, they prevent the forests from being over grazed and look majestic as they move.

I attach more value to a tree than a human being. It supports life. Gives oxygen, doesn’t take more than it gives and trees came before us.

I think Elephants are more valuable than human beings. They could trample us to death, but they’re gentle and wise creatures.

Cockroaches are more valuable than human beings. They clear the mess that the world creates and are real survivors.

Coral Polyps are more valuable than human beings. They join together and create miraculous eco systems.

Little fish are more valuable than human beings. They become petrolium 😛

Bees are more valuable than human beings. They pollinate the flowers 🙂

I think animals in general are better than the parts of the world that believe in arranged marriages.

We’re evolutionally disadvantaged. This I agree. But then, I wonder if the planet will remain by the time we really do learn to appreciate it and each other…


3 Responses to “The Price of a Human Being”

  1. Chakri Says:

    for once I agree to your post 100%.

  2. Chakri Says:

    Sam, I agree with u..
    We lived up in a hypocritical screwed up society. We dont admit that there is a problem. Most guys do it (at different degrees) and the rest dont stand up against it.
    Personally I tried stopping my friends and the most common response I got is “are darta kyon hai, ladkiyon ko yeh sab pasand hai”. But still I managed to make a few of my close friends stop it.

    But then, I witnessed the same thing done more than once done by some strangers. To be frank, I felt bad for the gals but I was scared to retaliate, when u dont know a person you cant mess up with them. You dont know if he is a goonda or he knows a politican.. you never know.. unfortunate but true.

  3. Girish Mallapragada Says:

    I have a long post, so you have to bear with me.

    Look at it from this angle. The system of finding one’s parter to procreate is like a market in nature, for all species. If nature would have had its way, humans too would have been looking out for the best possible mate in a naturalistic way, just like other species and maybe would not have forged long lasting relationships bound in something called marriage.

    However, we chose to take a different path in evolution by engineering our environment and not merely adjusting to it. We did not find an ecological niche like some crabs and cockroaches but chose to redesign our environment. A part of this social darwinistic model that we adopted is to do with choosing life partners and not merely vehicles for passing on genes like other animals. (The Dawkins model).

    Long lasting marriages allow use to be careful in passing on genes and put severe constraints on both males and females alike in passing on their genes.

    Now, all this still does not explain why marriages have to be arranged. My explanation at best only justifies why marriages ought to be long lasting for humans. Love marriages provide a quasi-market for experimenting and choosing your mate. Arranged marriages do not.

    Going by a purely, ecological model, both these systems are bound to exist simultaneously in the population for a while, and eventually, one of them is bound to prevail or be more dominant.

    I will not vouch for one over the other, although I myself married my best friend, I do remember that I am a product of an arranged marriage.

    Take hope, remember we are also special, as the real world is only there because you see it the way you want it to be. That is what makes us special.

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