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24 and Invincible July 22, 2007

Filed under: Little Things,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 11:27 pm

Age, Failure and appreciation.

Death by a coconut falling on your head.

Shiny red cars whizzing by.

Tridev playing in Shalimar.

Everything turns out all right for Harry though George loses his ear and Molly Weasley kills.

Some things are just not meant to be understood.


Here’s something from the first blog post of this year…

If I do a million things, some which are prompted by my judgement, others which are not; some that I want to, others that I don’t; some that I believe in, and others that I scoff. They would all still be done the same way. If a few hundred of the million work, it’s enough.

I’m not going to sit on an armchair speculating on which things to do. It’s a waste of time. I’m not going to sit on the shore giving gyan. I’m not going to justify my fears with reason.

I have heard from a great many about “[at] This point in life…” and I have pondered a great deal more than I had to. And the way I see it, life doesn’t really change. People do.

At 17, I wrote 6 entrance exams and cleared just 2. At 22, I got a job in the second place I applied to. At 24, I would probably get a job wherever I wanted to…

What changed? Am I suddenly more successful? Or just more careful? Or a little of both?

I learn from experience, and experience teaches me to not do certain things, but if I base every decision on experience, then what happens when my experience gets out-dated?


Life is simpler than it looks. It’s easier than it seems.

Invincible we never are. Infalliable, thankfully not. Invulnerable… is impossible. Impervious to surroundings? Incapable of it.

It’s all about thinking, moving and smiling.

– For Bhai

2 Responses to “24 and Invincible”

  1. whirlwind Says:

    someone’s back! Welcome 🙂

    so much for thought and speculation…hehehe…we think..we speculate….and plan..and….

    if things go as planned …bravo
    If things go as not planned …brilliant..

    We(humans) are adapter and survivors and…as long as that trait is not subdue…. life @ its fullest calling..

    Close in this note –
    There is nothing really like intelligence – its only varying degrees of stupidy

    There is nothing really like stupidity – its only varying degrees of intelligence

    Another –
    There is nothing like success – its only varying degrees of failure

    There is nothing like failure, its only varying degrees of success…

    Sounds like a doodle – we are all in a doodle world – which line we pick at what time says a lot about ourselves, and changes the world (or we change ~adapt) ..

    ~to life

    I am the one who laughs and lives and ganify(es) and enjoys….etc 😛

  2. Sudhir pai Says:

    Wow! I could’nt write stuff like that being a 24 year old myself…[:)]
    Started believing that you are only as old as you think you are…and my guess is i’m still 21 even though my birth certificate accuses me of being older…[:)]
    lovely post!

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