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The Wait for happiness August 20, 2007

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“The Wait” That’s what I would like to call it.

Why are we always waiting for something to happen to be happy? Ask anyone the question, “Are you happy?” and the answer comes back, “I have no reason to be happy.” And I ask, do you have a reason to be sad, though?

It all comes down to that. Is happiness the absence of sadness or is sadness the absence of happiness?

It differs from person to person. Happiness, smiles, contentment, satisfaction… These are all very subjective. For most people though, life is neither happy nor sad. Almost as if all the positive and the negative neutralize exactly. In equilibrium. Yet not balanced. The ones who fall sick out of boredom more than anything else.

For me, it’s always a matter of perspective. Things can always seem overwhelming. After all, who knows what the repercussions of my actions may be? But when I take a step back and look at it one little bit at a time, I find a sense of peace. And an awareness that such intricacies are the work of a higher power. It’s times like this that I am drawn to the Three Questions of Tolstoy. So similar to the philosophy of the Gita. The only thing to do is what needs to be done. The rest? Well, that’s governed by the laws of destiny and karma, isn’t it?

Right now is always the right moment to smile. Like a friend said, “Smile… tomorrow will be worse!” Profound quote, that one… 🙂


4 Responses to “The Wait for happiness”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The story by Tolstoy is so simple but explains a lot. So what is happiness?
    Is it the bliss (Joy) that one experiences after a person achieves his or her major milestone. Or is it the cumulation of small joyful events that lead to your final victory. What defines happiness?

    We study hard after our 10th to get into various colleges/universities. So is it the process of 11 and 12th that we remember later in life and laugh at them, or do we remember the exact moment when we have cracked the exam to get into the university (It is also a very joyous occasion)? But we rarely do remember it. Maybe it are those small enjoyable events we have with friends that define our happiness. So as XAI puts it, may be we should enjoy the present moment rather than waiting for the ultimate bliss.

    This leads to another question. From XAI “Is happiness the absence of sadness or is sadness the absence of happiness?”
    My opinion is we always try to be happy, it is sadness (not exactly sadness) that overwhelms our little joy.

    When we were kids, going to a park or Diwali would cheer you up. Even trivial (inconsequential now) stuff like an icecream would bring you great joy. So what happened? May be (my answer is): When we are kids, we have no restriction to our imagination. We could be what ever we want, we could dream to be astronaut, doctors, actors or a police officer. As we grow up, we learn restrictions (that apples cant fly, superman is not real…., If you eat an icecream you grow fat or get a cold). I am not saying they are not real or practical. This kind of entails your imagination and hence your joy. You start worrying about consequences for every action of yours. I wanted to go a movie today and I start to worry about the assignment deadline, due tomorrow.
    IMHO this prevents in enjoying the little things that make our life (as much as did when we are kids).

    I think I will stop. This comment is larger than the original blog itself.

    “Smile… tomorrow will be worse!”

  2. whirlwind Says:

    @ Xai –
    If we define happiness as the choice of the act in the moment leading to choose between one of the duality of happiness / sad(ness)….we all head to the “Modern Thiker’s Creed” –
    What is selected is average, what’s average is normal, and what’s normal is good”

    In the essence, we substitute average to good over a period of time, ulimately leading to ….. eh happiness? 😛 – hmm..dont think so

    @ Anonymous
    You are refering to the “sense of wonder” that we loose with each growing up years, that we need greater stimulation to get the same iota of joy(happiness), which we derived from seemingly small and simple pleasures.

    The only alternative to regaining the sense of wonder, is to be able to embrace the known without contempt

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Whirlwind, (Everything in my opinion) Yea we loose some “Sense of wonder” as we grow up. But that doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying little things. It is always not wonder, that gives you joy. (For example, Icecream, playing.).

    You have asked the same question “Why should we require greater stimulation to get the same iota of happiness as we grow up”, Is it because we can think more clearly/ better/confused (May be our bodies grow big, and we require a bucket of icecream or a litre of booze instead of a small ice cone)?
    If your answer is yes, that is precisely what I say, your ability to think (more) is taking away the little pleasures.
    I think philosophers must be the saddest people in the world. (My friend shyam would kill me if he sees this. They are also the greatest intellectuals of their times. I dont think being sad is wrong. If every one is happy people would still be wearing animal skin and roaming around. May be it is not a question of right or wrong.)

    I am certainly not saying that enjoy all the small things and forget the big picture. The path to the goal should also be enjoyed as much as the final victory. (May be most of the times, you feel “Is this what started for?”)

    By the way, does “Modern Thiker’s Creed” apply to everyone or only to people who think more.
    Is it so bad to be average for some time . If my ultimate goal is happiness, I would surely follow the path. I attained my goal of being happy being happy.

    Yea most of these are not practical anyway. My “sense of wonder” grew as I grew up, for there are more questions to be answered.

  4. Anil Sharma Says:

    Exactly! I wonder if anyone on earth would say “Yes. Iam!”

    Iam NOT! 😀 Thank you for the “profound” quote! Iam getting a wallpaper ready! 😉

    And this must be a historic post on BLOGSPOT! Never have the comments been thrice as big as the post per se! 😛

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