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Where Do Ideas Come From? August 23, 2007

Filed under: Little Things,Randomness,Too Much Time — The Goddess @ 11:39 pm

Where do you get the ideas for a blog? Someone asked. Well, here are some good places:

Take a different mode of transport. If you travel by car, catch a bus. If you travel by auto, catch the train. Or better still, walk! Perspective changes brilliantly. And that is usually enough.

Try reading something drastically different. The more you read, the more same things will seem. There usually tends to be a grain of an idea connecting whatever books we pick up. Read something drastically different. And well, you can be “inspired” by an idea. 😛

Make a new friend. Another intellectual discussion/bitch fest, another idea!

Change your fragrance. Well, all right. That’s just a good way of picking up a new friend 😛

Take an exam every once in a while. The more creative excuses you make to not study, the more ideas you’ll get…

Start a blog. Oops, that’s what we want ideas for! Well, start by reading blogs. You’re sure to think you either thought it up before or could write it better. Either way, ideas!

Think up imaginative curses. Someone cut you off badly at the signal? Imagine an unconventional bodypart you’d want to injure and why. Someone playing politics at work?Imagine how you’d want to take their happiness. Food bad at cafeteria? How do you want to trouble the chef? Idea!

And if all else fails, look at your blog stats. A dip in hits indicates it’s time for a new idea 🙂


One Response to “Where Do Ideas Come From?”

  1. Anil Sharma Says:

    Hehe! Cool stuff from veteran! 😀

    But what if the number of obnoxious people you would die to trouble outdoes the number of hours you are free? 😛 Thats my problem precisely! 😀

    Very “inspiring” post! 😛

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