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I Quit August 29, 2007

Filed under: Little Things — The Goddess @ 12:10 am

I quit my job and am temporarily unemployed until I take up my next job. I feel old in some ways. Second job. Wow!

There are a lot of hopes and dreams attached to this new one. Very unlike the first where I entered with no hopes at all… Strange? I know. It is strange. But that’s just like me, isn’t it?

I find it strange that I feel more relief than nostalgia at leaving. I find it weird that I cannot really think about some people positively. I just feel brilliant that I left them behind… Can people really be this nasty and petty? So petty as to make me doubt myself? And the answer to that one is, yes. They can.

It’s no good to spend all your life with others like you. Someday, you need to go out there, get bruised, see how things can be and then decide who you are. What you will do and what you won’t. I’m really glad about my first job for teaching me all this. I learnt to be ambiguous, to talk differently to different people, send out the feelers required to understand equations, to use those to my advantage, to play martyr when required, to be bitchy where needed and not lose myself as I do this.

Is it the same everywhere I might work? Only time will tell. Meanwhile though, I’m way wiser and smarter than I was 2 years ago…

Because I also learned to be proud of my work, to not code than cause a bug, accept mistakes with grace, share the blame, go home even if the project is on fire and tell a good manager from a bad one…


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