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The Planet Called Bombay September 15, 2007

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Why is the place filled with people who’re always running? Why is the place so dirty? Why are there plants growing out of every wall there is? Why is the place overflowing with people? Why are there such few chai shops? At least, I didn’t see as many as the eye is accustomed to…

People walk instead of taking shared autos (this whole business of confining autos to the suburbs, not nice) People really, actually walk! Why would you want to walk when you can get there faster and easier by sharing an auto or a taxi? A concept beyond the average Hyderabadi, perhaps. Everyone looks alike. All buildings look alike, there is a grim sense of determination and purpose in everything. What is it they’re up to?

The answers are deep and mysterious. For someone used to doing everything in Nawabi style, I guess it’s rather unsettling to see that the other extreme of the spectrum is just as real as yours… Imagine taking public transport everywhere you go. (shudder!) Imagine no chai every hour from a kettle perpetually on boil… Imagine, just imagine (don’t if you can help it) keeping traffic rules in mind when you drive! Just terrible. What is the world coming to?

For the average Hyderabadi, it’s like being the only kid in a party full of grown-ups πŸ˜€

That’s what Bombay is. It’s about being grown up. It’s about being serious about life. It’s about knowing where you’re going. Life is serious business. “Light le?” Did I hear you right? Pata bhi hai? Bulb lagane ke kitne paise lagte hain?

annotation @dkd903
I spent less than a day in Bombay… Hardly qualifies me to comment on the city, chronicled here is my first impression of the planet.

every city in my opinion, has a soul. Bombay has one too, and tangible spirit as well!

My intention is not to hurt the feelings of any mumbaikar. Just wanted to bring out the contrast between the lifestyles of the two cities. Who’s to judge which is better? Not me, for sure… πŸ™‚


6 Responses to “The Planet Called Bombay”

  1. Vishnu Says:

    I think this is the difference between life in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Despite all the development Hyderabad is still young at heart unaccustomed to the grim seriousness in Mumbai. Their sense of determination gave them that resilience to deal with Mumbai blasts…. the blasts on our end caused mixed feelings and an entirely different reaction. An indication of the immatureness of the city as a whole. Life in Mumbai is a struggle and a routine planned in a detailed manner and adhered to meticulously in daily life. The Nawabi lifestyle is more bindaas… basking in the glory of the maddening speed of development yet unable to realize the responsibility associated with it.

  2. Xai Says:


    I agree. Except the bit about the blasts. Though it’s determination and toughness that makes Mumbai deal with something as catastrophic as a blast, there’s also the fact that there is no choice! If you don’t take the train to work the next morning, someone else will. And someone else will get what you’re chasing.

    Not to sound disrespectful or cynical, but people are so busy chasing their own lives that they’re desperate to get back to normalcy once again and get a move on.

    The spirit of Hyderabad is taking time to revel in whatever happens. Be it joy or sorrow. Jatras πŸ™‚ or Blasts…

    To each their own πŸ™‚

  3. Xai Says:

    a connected idea, is every capital city an expression of what the state or country would be like if left to grow without constraints?

    Bihar-Patna, AP-Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu-Chennai, Maharashtra-Mumbai… hmm…

  4. dkd903 Says:

    You have got your vry damn base mistaken. u talk about mumbaikars walking? i am a simple, just another mumbaikar, i have always used cabs, autos locals and bests to travel. u dont expect people to walk the road from churchgate to cst or ghatkopar to kanjhurmarg. and about ur hyderabad stuff, both mumbai and hyderabad hav witnessed ripping bomb blasts. people in mumbai are concious enough to use a cfl/tubelight instead of a bulb. “mseb / rel energy / ghapla ” suna bhi hai?
    well, no offences meant saying all this ……

  5. dkd903 Says:

    also may be you will dis-approve my comment, but just give a thought to what all i said

  6. almost-sister Says:

    πŸ™‚ a post that elicits strong reactions i see! I’ve only just visited and kind of know what you mean… I love the place as a visitor though …

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