Simbly Bored

It's me that's bored enough to blog. The posts are interesting enough.

Sharing October 6, 2007

Filed under: Life,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 8:32 pm

I’ve always thought that some things are too intimate to be shared. Dreams, secrets and marriage market and simbly bored are the most important of those.

In the span of a few weeks, I’ve shared them all, well all those but simbly bored. And I find myself feeling good too! Maybe it’s sharing things that are close to the heart that make us happy. Or maybe feeling happy makes us share…


One Response to “Sharing”

  1. carrothead meets Blonde Says:

    I agree with you completely….blogs are like thinking aloud…no wait….not just thinking aloud but putting you innermost thoughts on paper….and anyone wud be apprehensive about letting the world know whats going on inside ones head….unless of course…you mind is invaded by health musings…then you want to bear it all….the unhealthy ones, the sinster feeling you wanna keep hidden inside….dont you agree Sam?

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