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Acid Attack! October 26, 2007

Filed under: The Way I See It,Through a Woman's Eyes — The Goddess @ 8:21 pm

So, I’ve been reading Google News in office on a regular (read through the day) basis while thinking about work. The most entertaining of the lot is the CNN-IBN feed. The journalism is so outrageous that you forget to get emotional about the news…

There were two things in the news today that made me sit up. The first was this:
A man was sent to prison for life because hethrew acid on the face of the woman who spurned his advances and in the process blinded her and reduced her to a mass of flesh and bones for life.

Sometimes, I wonder, do Bollywood movies encourage deranged men to actually go ahead and act deranged? After all, Bollywood does glorify the pursue-till-she-falls for you attitude… I have always wondered if they really think women are so stupid as to fall for a guy they find repulsive just because he persistantly keeps at it. But the movies say that it works and I am willing to bet that a lot of desperate men are willing to try anything.

Anyhow, this is the second bit of news…
“Smoking in public lands SRK in trouble”

“…Images of Shah Rukh Khan inhaling smoke were shown on Doordarshan during its telecast of the Twenty20 cricket match in Mumbai on October 20. The national television channel’s telecast of such outrageous images is another act worth condemnation,” NOTE general secretary Dr Shekhar Salkar said. …

True, he’s a much adored star and all that sort of thing. And I personally belive that smoking in public should be made a non-bailable offence. Found smoking in a public place? Put them in prison for a month or two. No questions, no defence, nothing.

But the bit that shocks me is the moral policing that they attach to this smoking business… outrageous images? That’s taking things a little far. I mean, we’ve come to a point where ad’s for deoderants feature hoards of frustrated, bikini clad, seemingly sex deprived women running towards the source of a supposedly “erotic” fragrance. I think smoking just pales in comparison.

So that’s my bit for the day. Nuclear deals, fires, war, mass murders and corrupt politicians slandering each other are all so passe. Things like that are too big to get outraged about. Bring on the local news, I say!


2 Responses to “Acid Attack!”

  1. Murali Annapragada Says:

    Expecting media to act responsibly is giving them lot more credit than they deserve. These guys will make an issue of anything or everything in the name of competition and aggressive journalism. Its been long since I stopped making sense of any news items or even believe what I see in these channels. Yea you are right, we apply different rules for different people and your example of Axe Deo is very apt. We are living in a country where people will say and do anything to get their 10 sec in TV. These so called experts are so hypocratic..anyway I can go on and on …

  2. Kumar Gautam Says:

    An attempt to voice the thoughts of acid attack victims in the form of poetry,

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