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Relationship Maintenance November 22, 2007

Filed under: Little Too Much,The Way I Am,The Way I See It,Through a Woman's Eyes — The Goddess @ 12:26 pm

Try googling for “high maintenance girlfriend”. Then try googling for “high maintenance boyfriend”.It’s astounding. There’s an msn quiz right up front that professes to tell you whether or not your girlfriend is “high maintenance” but there’s nothing to find out if your boyfriend is!
It doesn’t stop there. There’s more. If you google for high maintenance and boyfriend together, you’re more likely to find a girl wondering why her boyfriend says she’s high maintenance than anything else.

I wonder, what is it about society in general that makes women wonder a zillion times whether they’re high maintenance or whether they expect too much from their partners while there’s no such standard for men?

I refuse to believe that women tend to demand more from relationships than men. (Or vice versa. I’m not a male bashing kind of feminist). But maybe they’re just a little more likely to change a lot of things without noticing it.

Maybe, just maybe, as women, we are highly conditioned to give without measuring but equally conditioned to measure how much we take.



3 Responses to “Relationship Maintenance”

  1. Vishnu Says:

    I hope single bachelor/never-dated/not-known-any-girl kind of guy’s “thought” isn’t ridiculed. But here is a take at somethings
    – guys taste lies in the palate not in candles and surroundings when it comes to restaurants.
    – guys don’t expect jewelery or other presents any given day.
    – along with male ego comes an boon for girls that he shouldn’t let a female pay for any of his needs.
    Before ending I have to include the disclaimer that I am no male chauvinistic pig either. Counter thoughts invited 😉

  2. rags Says:

    there are far more guys who try to find tips online, on how to find a GF than there are girls who want advice on finding guys………hence the search results

    all these guys are targeting male surfers(!).


  3. Sudhir pai Says:

    Ha ha ha! I’d never even given a thought about it till you mentioned it. I only know a “high-maintenance” woman when i see one. Guess its because of prehistoric mindsets, somehow a woman is assumed to be relatively “high maintenance” vis-a-vis a man. Though, I’d find it very difficult to explain if i’m drawn into an argument.

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