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The Break-Up November 27, 2007

Filed under: Personal Favourites,Too Much Time — The Goddess @ 2:15 pm

Why VikJ and I don’t share the same cubicle anymore…

Xai: You’re always looking at your computer. You don’t even hear me the first time when I call you!

VikJ: (spaced out): Well, that’s because I’m usually working on something important.

Xai: (injured voice): And you think what I have to say is not important?

VikJ: (too spaced out to realize what’s coming): What could be so important? You’re just usually offering me chocolate or something.

Xai: (injured, wronged and accusatory): I’m sharing my chocolate with you Vik. But I guess it’s too much to expect you to understand.

VikJ: (wanting to get it over with): Look, lets talk about something else. Did I tell you the boss offered to take me to Deccan Pen store? He said he picked up a few brilliant vintage pieces from there.

Xai: (hurt and incredulous): I thought you don’t like old stuff.

VikJ: (just plain incredulous): When did I say that?

Xai: You didn’t come to see the Charminar with me when I asked you to come…

VikJ: (exasperated): That is completely irrelevant to the discussion we’re having.

Xai: (gushing emotion): And what is the discussion Vik? Why don’t you just say it straight. You don’t like me anymore, do you? You make fun of the chocolate I share with you. You don’t have time to go see the Charminar with me… You don’t hear me when I call you… I should have read the signs… If you really liked me you would have bought me chocolate…

VikJ: (clueless): Look, it’s not how you make it out to be.

Xai: (emotional): Then how is it Vik? How is it?

VikJ: (wants to get on with work): I don’t know! You seem to have all the answers. You figure it out yourself!

Xai: (made up her mind): All right. I will. I’ll just go find a new workstation.

VikJ: (pondering software architecture): Whatever…

Xai: I will. (leaves)

VikJ: (a few hours later): I need some chocolate… Where did that girl disappear?

Well, that’s not really the reason… But I wish it was… It seems so much fun!


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  1. jaded!!! Says:

    Too gud!!!!

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