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It's me that's bored enough to blog. The posts are interesting enough.

What I Really Really Need… well, want not need… December 5, 2007

Here’s a wishlist. I want…

Stuff that cannot be sponsored:

  1. Admits from a couple of universities
  2. A long and endless conversation with The Fiance
  3. A smoother work life
  4. To not have to wear bangles

Stuff that can be sponsored (evil grin followed by flirty look):

  1. Good dark chocolate
  2. A Good Coffee with fun conversation 🙂
  3.  New look
  4. New wardrobe of work clothes that are not as behenji as the salwars I wear everyday
  5. New shade of lip gloss
  6. A dozen pink carnations (sorry, they were sponsored less than a month ago)
  7. A pair of really cool shades (prescription lenses)
  8. A backpack that doesn’t look like one new mothers carry
  9. A shopping spree in Abu Dhabi
  10. My phone bills…

Stuff that comes for free but I still can’t seem to get:

  1. The contact details of a good tailor
  2. Time to read a good book

What is all this in aid of? Well, it just might make me forget the pre-wedding jitters that seem to have hit a few months too early…


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