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The Shy Bride December 11, 2007

The Fiance was full of giggles today, watched as he had the video of the ‘engagement’ a month after the real thing. Why? Because I spent about ten minutes of the entire ceremony looking at something other than the floor, my bangles and my feet. You Tube worthy he called it.

What are the forces that turn confident, intelligent and smart women into Simpering Savtri’s? I list some here…

1. Hoardes of people you don’t know staring at you
2. Multiple cameras right in your face
3. A ‘costume’ you don’t recognize yourself in
4. Approving looks from the grown up’s
5. Weight of the flowers in your hair
6. Self consciousness at being the centre of attention

And most of all, the finality that this is for real and it’s FOREVER.


3 Responses to “The Shy Bride”

  1. Pavan Says:

    So when do we get to see this Video [:)]

    Shouldnt the video be something like

    Person X: “Mahalakshmi la unna vamma… maa Vaadu sunnitham…sarigga choosukuntaavaa…”

    You:” Umm..”

    Person Y: “Idigo…Ivida…*** vaalla pedda menatta chinna thodikodalu..”

    You: “Namaskaram”

    Person Z: “Eeyana *** valla menatta bavamaridhi”

    You: “Namaskaram”

  2. The Goddess Says:

    The dialogue of all dialogues…

    Our boy is a very nice boy…

    He’s a really good boy…

    I’ve been seeing him since he was a child. He is such a wonderful boy!

    and so on… And here I was thinking I was marrying someone like me… 😉

  3. Bil Says:

    Whatever it is it is extremely funny and sweet 🙂

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