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6 weeks February 6, 2008

Filed under: Discovering marriage,Personal Favourites,Priceless — The Goddess @ 11:08 pm

6 weeks to complete a quarter century of living.

6 weeks before I meet for the second time the person I’m going to marry.

6 weeks to plan and look the most beautiful I ever have.

6 weeks to figure out what it means to be single.

6 weeks to be daddy’s little girl.

6 weeks to having mommy pamper me with threats and a lunch box.

6 weeks of thinking of me and me alone.

6 weeks before I’m a daughter-in-law.

6 weeks before “home” means something different.

6 weeks to enjoy living in Hyderabad.

6 weeks before I have to worry about mundane things like groceries. (well maybe 10 weeks for that).

6 weeks before I pack up everything in this room and leave.

6 weeks of work before I quit (well, actually, thats only 5 weeks of work).

6 weeks of watching soaps on Sahara One.

6 weeks of shouting at my parents to let them know how much I need them to take care of themselves.

6 weeks of keeping the name I was born with…

6 weeks of madness…

6 weeks of uncertaininty

6 weeks of solitude

6 weeks of nervousness

6 weeks of dreams

6 weeks of anticipation

6 weeks of wondering

6 weeks to grow up.

6 weeks before my life changes forever…


2 Responses to “6 weeks”

  1. Soumya Says:

    Woww Girlll…Congratulations…Didnt know u moved to wordpress..visiting ur blogs after a long time…

  2. Anil Says:

    Reminds me of how my sister would be left with similar 6 weeks someday in the future and how much I would miss her!

    Wish you a wonderful life ahead! 🙂

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