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The Characters February 8, 2008

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If you recognize yourself, don’t hesitate to raise your hand. 😛

There’s a guy who serenaded me at the classroom window singing the title song of “Dil To Pagal Hai”. He also convinced me that he had 9 dogs in his farmhouse and that his parents moved to a country whose “economy gets a boost every time I buy a plane ticket out of there”. Wrote me poetry and played role of best friend for a good many years. And oh, let me not forget, he did ask the words once… “Be Mine!” How I wished it was for real… How glad I am today that it was not… 😛

Theres a girl I knew for a good many years… Forelock like a horse, gait like one, infectious smile, foot somewhat in the mouth, liberal parents who now refuse to accept a son-in-law who might consume mushroom and someone as forgetful as me when it comes to people, calling and email. Played role of best friend for a good many years before being replaced by the character above. Oh yes, was an integral part of my hunt for ferns and fungi for the biology scrapbook 😀

There’s a boy I knew for three years. Little kid at heart, big words, big dreams, a propensity for trouble, a mom who hates me still and a love for dogs. He taught me to be not so nice and helped me discover how mad I can be. He also put up with the worst mood swings ever in the history of a boy-girl relationship… He played multiple roles in my life. Lets not even go there. But to be sure, there was no one after that to take his place… After all, you’re 19 only once 🙂

Theres a girl who helped me find myself when I was lost. She was smart and moody. Unpredictable and fun. She taught me to not be lazy and to play bubble bomb for hours. She was irreverant and eccentric and she disappeared without a trace after we parted ways. Roommate from college. What a wonderful thing to be 🙂

There’s a guy. As mad as I am. Who unleashed all the mischief I have in  me. Someone sweet, sensitive and smart. Who can whack me on the head when I need it the most. Who can understand what I’m thinking. Who knows before I goof up and knows better than to talk when I’m not ready to listen. Someone who likes me for who I am. Someone who I know will stick up for me no matter what. My best friend.

A girl I knew for 6 years. Who I feel lost without. We never can bring ourselves to admit it though… We’re way cooler than that… 😛 Oh, she knows how to shop at The Charminar. What better reason to keep a friend?

A lot more there are. These are the most normal ones of the lot. There’s a girl who decided to become a Forensic Scientist. A guy who loves the lamp posts in the college campus for no reason at all. A girl who’s barely 5 feet who seems to be a child and a grown up all at once. A guy who decided a play could be written on me who carries 4 pens in engineer style. A girl who loves fashion but settles for engineering instead… A guy who gave up serenading his fiancee to help me nurse a broken heart…

Countless people.

People are supposed to come and go. But people who enter that circle seem to stick around forever… 🙂


One Response to “The Characters”

  1. Johnnie Says:

    Well – Congrajulations in strategically balancing the no of guy and girl friends – ya – it does prove that you almost have equal no of girl friends 😛

    Now for the suttle messages hidden ? –
    still trying to get these ppl together “A guy who loves the lamp posts in the college campus for no reason at all. A girl who’s barely 5 feet who seems to be a child and a grown up all at once” Good Luck to them ….and..

    Dil tho pagal hai – hmm…at the same time in life, I was being hunted by 2 guys in a movie hall, whose girls I ran away with to the same movie 😛

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