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A Lot of Judging… February 21, 2008

Filed under: Life,Personal Favourites,The Way I See It — The Goddess @ 4:36 pm

Is it judgemental to say that its wrong to be judgemental? And if it is, is there a point to telling someone that they’re being judgemental and then also telling them to not be that way? And in asking whether there is a point to telling a judgemental person that she is being judgemental am I asking you, gentle reader to judge?

Yes. I shall pass a judgement. The whole thing is pointless to analyze. But I shall take the liberty of saying that the degree of judging makes a huge difference. As long as I see someone judge more than me, I shall speak out.

I know that there is someone who doesnt let be judge the judgemental ones. And I have a lifetime to learn from him. Perhaps with time, I shall not be so compelled to make a point…

Who knows, really? It’s all part of a crazy day… (for reasons why its crazy, read the other post for the day)


2 Responses to “A Lot of Judging…”

  1. Pavan Says:

    “Is it judgemental to say that its wrong to be
    judgemental? ”

    YES and NO.

    Its like is it illegal to take law in your own hands?
    depends on who you are? If you are a cop, who has the authority to do that in order to keep law and order in an orderly fashion, then it is totally acceptable. On the other hand , I guess you and I cannot do the same thing.

    So if you were to judge somebody to be judgmental , I don’t think you are being judgmental in the first place. You are doing it with “the” authority .

  2. Anil Says:

    Very judgeMENTAL post! 😛

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